This is another song off of our sophmore album we're working on thanks for any comments you post

Julie wakes up first day monday morning
She's so happy she feels like she is dreaming
She had a date with Hank on saturday night
For the first time ever everythings alright

Julie's so happy she feels like she's in love
She thinks that Hanks an angel sent from up above
She never thought she could fall for a guy so fast
But teenage love it doesn't last

She walks through the halls to go find her new guy
She see's him with another girl who kisses him goodbye
And as she see's this her heart it breaks
Julie wonders how much more she can take

She walks up to Hank and all she asks is why
And as he answers tears fall from her eyes
He says he can't have one girl he needs at least six or more
Julie runs out the door
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