Hi all, I'm new to this forum, although i have been using it without a membership...

So, I was wondering what the difference between the DD-5 and DDD-6 were in terms of functionality.
expand on what a DD-5 and DDD-6 so that we know what you are referring to
i dont think they make DD-5's anymore do they? I thought it was just DD-3 and DD-6 now.
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^ Dude, it's not a chatroom. Just post your message and wait patiently for an answer.

As far as I know, there isn't much difference. They probably added a few features to the DD-6 as an upgrade from the DD-5 but I think I read somewhere (probably harmony central) that people who have DD-5's prefer them to the new DD-6's. Maybe there's a slight tone difference.
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Ok, sorry for my impatience, because I'm planning to return my DD-5 in order to fund a DD-6. Is there more value to the discontiuned DD-5 to the DD-6?
Dude, just read the manuals on the Boss site or something.

Basically, the DD-6 has stereo inputs, longer delay time (5.2s vs. the DD-5's 2s), new warp mode, and tap tempo (DD-5 has a tempo pedal input). For the latter reason alone, I personally would keep the DD-5.