Hey Man. I Dont Actualy Have sound avail. on this computer but the idea of some one completely destroying an aslee simpson song makes me entirely satisfied.
It is not me destroying it. I thought i did it some justice There are a couple weak spots and its incredibly high, but whatev.
This isn't love...so forever let it burn, forever let it go...
why do you cover such a shite song anyway? =]
song sucks, but you cover was ok.
loved the strumming.
vocals were wierd... had the feeling you were almost crying xD
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hmm your guitar playing sounds great but why try to sing that high? why not move the capo to where its IN your range. i'm a girl and i would have trouble singing that song without making it lower. its obvious you CAN sing from the verse. i actually think the verses sound pretty good but the chorus just ruins it because its way too high...unless you wanted it to be humerous. i think you could potentially do this song very well, just sing it in a key you can handle.

crit mine?
I actually liked the cover. I think some of the best covers are the ones of bad pop singers. The best one ever was Travis - Hit Me Baby One More Time