So, I was tooling around with effects, you know, like you do, and came across the wonders of Stereo Chorus (it deserves the capitalisation.) I was playing through my headphones and it sounded fantastic. So I recorded this little clean number


I'm rather pleased with it, the chorus sounds great to me. But what do you guys think? Would appreciate any feedback, E.G How you like the tone, the melody, all that stuff.

Thanks guys

Oh yeah, recorded on my cheap ass SG ( £90 ), into Zoom G2.1U, USB'd to the PC.
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haha, stereo chorus is always very fun. try mic'ing up an acoustic and then adding it if youre bored
as for your song, it wasnt bad. for that type of equipment, your tone really sounded alright. at times, the lead parts were way too high in the mix, it sounded like they were clipping a lot. i thought it was gonna be kinda tough to listen to 4 minutes of it, but im glad i did. my favorite melodies were around 1:45 and 3:45. keep it up
mind giving me a listen?
Cheers man. I can't seem to control the clipping, it baffles me. I ad compression, try to filter it out...it remains...

Thanks anyway I shall check yours out.