Hey guys,

So I have decided to buy a decent multi-effect (Boss's GT's, Digitechs GNX, ext) pedal for my electric guitar and I've been looking around a little but I still can't pinpoint which is the best and what offers the best bang for its buck. There are a couple things I would like the pedal to have:

Customizations. I want to be able to create my own sounds and be able to modify sounds to a pretty large extent. A pedal that has a lot of customization options is the best, being able to control almost all the aspects to a good range is very important.

Good tones. I have had a smaller multi-effect pedal before and the quality of hte tones that you could get and create were pretty mediocre. Only a few sounded good and the rest were pretty horrible. I want to have quality tones in the pedal.

Computer Compatibility. It'd be nice to be able to connect the pedal to the PC to either download new tones, update the firmware, and most importantly record into a recording program. USB is what I've seen used on most of the pedals and its pretty standard so I'm just going to assume thats the norm.

Recording\Drum Machine. Recording is one feature that I'm really interested in a pedal. Being able to loop tracks or to have an 8track on it would be nice and the ability to record and send through USB would also be nice.

Durability. Nobody likes somthing that breaks two weeks after you get it.

I've been looking around and the main things I've seen so far are Boss's GT-6 and GT-8, Digitech's GNX-3000 and GNX4, POD's PODxt Live. I'm leaning towards the Digitech GNX4 because it has the 8 track recording. I also saw a computer solution such as NativeInstruments GuitarRig 2. I thought I would ask you guys here at Ultimate-Guitar because you most likely have a lot more experience than I do. So what do you guys recommend? Experiences, reviews, whatever you have read that could be helpful would be really appreciated.



the pod xt live is a pretty gd all rounder on all the points you said about. i wouldn't go for multieffects myself, as i like seperate pedals, but i'd recommend the pod if multieffects is the way you want to go.

If you want a seriously good multi effect pedal, look the way of Zoom. The higher stuff like the G7 and G9 re brilliant, and have the PC recording abilities. USB into PC with cabinet emulation. And plenty of options such as Mic position and different speaker setups. Hell, when a pedal has a tube, something's going right

Seriously, I really reccomend them. On the Zoom site they have a few songs recorded with the pedals. Quality. I have the G2.1U, it's great. I discover new things all the time. I just recorded a song with the quite excellent stereo chorus, for example.

Go here and check it. http://www.zoom.co.jp/english/download/demosound/demo_g92tt.php
The GT-8 will cover everything that you've listed except for the drum machine part. The digital output on the rear of the unit can be connected directly to your sound card (depending on if you've got a decent one or not...my sound card has a digital coax input and it only cost me $15). The GT-8 is probably the most tweakable processor I've ever seen for the price.

My experience with the Zoom...eh...I don't really have anything good to say about it. The tube section of the unit does nothing but boost the incoming and outgoing signals, which isn't really a good thing. Boosting the incoming signal tends to put the input digital converter into digital distortion, which sounds horrible. And the outgoing boost section could come in handy, but you have to know about unity gain to be able to use it. You have to watch your effects block levels closely with digital processors to make sure nothing goes into digital clip. The tube-based boost circuit after the digital converter on the output side of the Zoom can do a lot to bring levels back up if you had to keep them down inside the effects blocks, but the tones in the Zoom unit just didn't impress me, and the unit didn't seem flexible at all in terms of tweaking tones.

The Line6 unit is nice, but it didn't have as many features as the GT-8, and for the price, the GT-8 is the better deal. And yes, the GT-8 might not have that direct USB connection on it, but it's got MIDI in/out, so you can connect the unit to your computer using a MIDI/USB adapter quite easily. I did, and it worked great. As far as downloading patches, there isn't really a factory sponsored patch exchange, but the user community is huge. Take a look at www.bossgtcentral.com to get an idea. If you want a better comparison between units, take a look at Kewlpack's head to head shootouts over at www.thestompbox.net.