brad delp, bostons lead singer, jus died at 55. he just got married and they were goin on tour this year. and i was gonna go see them. man i havent been this sad in years

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no one knows how he died yet. he jsut died today. and i wanted to see them with one of the greatest singers ever

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could be worse...could be raining

Nice, real nice. Show some courtesy to the dead atleast.

Are you sure that he died today...? Or did some stupid tabloid report that for some sales?
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Well, this tops the Brtiney SPears head shaving thing in my opinion. This really, really sucks if this is true.
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could be worse...could be raining

how dare you. i live in australia. GIVE US SOME RAIN PLEASE!
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i heard it on my local rock station aon the radio. but apparently wikipedia confirms it. and i couldnt find a story of it because he didnt die that long ago, and it said the police r still investigating

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I guess I'll be the first to say R.I.P. Brad. His contributions to music will never be forgotten, if it weren't for his voice Boston wouldn't be who they are/were.
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The Boston website is sad - simple back and white with "We've just lost the nicest guy in rock and roll" in the middle.

And I can't stand Boston.
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I heard about this the other day on the Metal-Sludge forums but it was confirmed to me today by the radio. Shame. He was still young and was a seriously great voice.
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wrong forum. and classic rock already has a tread. Moved... and closed. lol
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