Okay, the back of the neck on my strat where the skunk stripe is (I think thats what its called...) theres an uneven patch. Its right behind the first fret so I dont run into it much but it annoys me. So I tried to scrape it down (no sandpaper handy) needless to say all I did was scrape off some clear coat...that was pointless . So I'm wondering should I sand the back of the neck and refinish it with tung oil or gunstock oil? Everyone says that stuff is great. The thing is I'm afraid it'll make the neck darker. Its white and I dont want a dark neck. It even has a maple fretboard. But its one of those little things that bother me that I'd like to fix eventually.

Suggestions appreciated.

Thanks in advance.
How bad is the scraped bit of clear? Repairing the finish may be a better option the refinishing with an oil, espeacially with a maple fretboard.
The clear isnt the main concern, its the uneven surface of the neck. I want to sand it down and re-clearcoat it. How hard would that be? Would it look the same? How many coats of clear?

Obvously I'd just do the back of the neck, tape off the headstock and fretboard all so I dont have to mess with it.
It wouldn/t be that hard, though it may look wierd with the taped of nits being slightly different colours.