i was looking through instrument pro and there were these pretty cheap guitars and they were jay turser so i was wondering if they were cheap copies, or a real actuall brand that makes good stuff, is crap or is it real?
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Its crap
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Jay Turser is to plywood what Epiphone is to Gibson.
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Some are good, some are bad. You really just have to play it before you buy it, as with most guitars. They're generally a good value for the price, and are great for upgrading and modifying. 95% of the idiot bandwagoners here will tell you that they suck without ever having played one.
I have a Jay Turser for a beginner guitar and I love it. It kicks the crap out of a squier anyday. Something about this guitar is just build so solid. Obviously its not a great guitar for an experienced guitarist, but for a beginner, better than everything IMO.
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my friend has one and o my god. the pick ups are amazing you can play every haronic its sweet
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Jay Turser is to plywood what Epiphone is to Gibson.

Dude, do you know what your talking about? Epiphones are good.
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Dude, do you know what your talking about? Epiphones are good.

He's saying that Epiphones are lower than Gibson, and Jay Turser guitars have a similar relationship to plywood. He didn't say Epiphone was bad.

I've never played a Jay Turser guitar though. I'll try to find one sometime.
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My friend has one and he hates it. I played it and it was alright. Just as good as my beginner Johnson strat copy.
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