I've watched the Prestige a couple times in the past two weeks and have just begun the book, as well as the Illusionist (which was inferior, but that's besides the point), and I've developed a keen interest in learning some sleight of hand. Does anyone have any websites that offer good information on the subject without having to pay or something? I'm really dying to learn some little tricks I can do with coins or something. I want to learn tricks I don't need anything special for, so I can just mess around with normal stuff around any given room.
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You need books, as magicians won't give their tricks up for free.

www.magicbunny.co.uk is a good forum for magic, but don't go asking for tricks.

Then head to their store and check out the books on coin and card sleight of hand.

For cards I recommend Royal Road to Card Magic as a beginner book. Someone else there will recommend a good coin sleight book.
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Well, if you're interested in card tricks, www.cardtricksite.com is good for that kind of stuff. I've learned alot from that, magic tricks and stuff.
Also, let me tell you, magic is a very fun feild to get into. Some people listen to music, watch movies, do art etc. but everyone (most everyone) is entertained by magic. Plus, it gives you a very mysterious appearance, which works wonders with the ladies.
Good luck with it man, all the best.
If your interested in sleight of ahnd and illusion a good thing to have a go at is contact juggling. if you've ever seen the film labarynth contact juglling is the bit where david bowie (or the guy behind him) manipulates a ball accross his hand.
check that out the guy doing it is pretty good, not the best i've seen but very good none the less. i can do a little bit myself i do loads of circus stuff like firestaff and poi and learned so that I'd have something to do on long train journeys (i spend a lot of time on trains and it's dull as hell)