In about a week I should be getting dreads put in. does anyone have any dread experience they'd like to share or any advice? also I want them about half an inch thick each, and my hair at the moment is about 2/2.5 feet long how long will they be do you think?

I've thought about getting them done on and off for a few years now and since I do fire staff and fire poi there's also a saftey element involved in my getting them also the other day I realised that if I was ever going to get them now is the time cause in a few years after i'm done with Uni and travelling I will inevitably have to get a job (such is life *sigh*) and will not be able to get them then. I may be able to keep them but not get them oince this time is past though. So i'm getting them put in.
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Be prepared to have your hair smelling like shit for a year.Also, if you plan on getting rid of them, you must shave your head, unless you are really really lucky. Usually it ****s up your hair.
Who is putting them in?
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a couple of mates of mine one of whom has dreads the and another who did until last year when he shaved them off for charity, and just about anyone else who wants to help really once those two have shown them what to do
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Be prepared to have your hair smelling like shit for a year.Also, if you plan on getting rid of them, you must shave your head, unless you are really really lucky. Usually it ****s up your hair.

lol, you obviously know nothing about dreadlocks. the most common myth about them is that your hair smells like a butt hole, when in fact, all you need is the right shampoo and care.

I personally have never gotten dreadlocks, but there was a point in time where I really wanted them and was looking into them. This website gave me a good amount of information about dreading and whatnot: http://www.dreadheadhq.com/

edit: btw, if you want them out you don't exactly have to shave your head, but you'd you have to cut your hair really really short.
dreads kick arse, go for it
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Are you white?

yes who cares? i'm not trying to be a rasta or anything and there is a practical purpose involved in my getting them. plus the celts had them (romans made reference to it) and my family is welsh and therefore celtic. I can get away with it. not sure what my dad is gonna say when i turn up on the door step with them though lol
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Just grow em the natural way man.
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What uni are you at? Poi and staff kick ass.

I've never had dreads although I am considering getting them in a month or so.
Don't you have to go for like 3 months without washing your hair? I think its ****ing disgusting and pointless since it looks like shit.
worst. pun. ever.
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cheers mate i've been looking over that one already and am thinking of using their products to get mine done
yeah no offence and not being racist or anything

but Dreads just look crap on white people

but yeah if you wanna get them then all the best to ya
Ive looked into them and am considering getting them my only concern is how much shorter your hair looks! but with your hair being 2 1/2 Feet i think itll look awsome on you!!

Post pics if you ever get it done!!
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i think they look cool on him, and hes a great guitar player as well

to be fair those are some really nice dreads he's got there, their obviosly well looked after
The real only advice I have about dreads is to make sure they're dried out. When water is retained in them constantly, things start to go awry. Mine got to a point where I couldn't keep water out of them, and they got insanely itchy and hot. I still hate that I cut them. Any other questions PM me and I'll be glad to answer 'em.
Dreads are dutty.

Your life though.

Good luck!

flickr you might
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I had dreads. They require a lot of upkeep. And by the way- you can untangle them. It took me a couple of hours each night for one or two weeks, but it happened.
Stop combing, no waxing, don't freak out if you get lice or dandruf or whatever and cut 'cuz you can fix it. The only time you should worry about your hair is when it's about to fall off.

Visit knottylocks.tk - it's a forum contained with EVERYthing you need to know about dreads, and there are people with salon-made/neat locks and natural/fat locks.

Don't fall for the crap that is DHHQ or Knottyboy, the only thing you need to spend money on is a comb if you wish to backcomb your hair, shampoo or soap to clean it every once in a while and perhaps a tam if you wanna have dope, fat locks.

Again, visit knottylocks.tk since the people here obviously doesn't know ****.

PS. You can detangle them, it just takes lots of conditioner and patience. A guy I know cut off 4 year old locks that were like 5-10 cm in diameter.