i have a question ....

do dog collers ('round my wrist (for the dumb asses)) yeah any way will they afect my guitar playing? like moving my wrist? and muting notes accedently?

They shouldn't, what hand are they on? (fretting or picking). The only problem i can see is them touching your strings if they were on your picking and. Look at all the jewelery Yngwie plays with...
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I believe it's spelt collars....and why would you want a dogs collar around your wrist???im pretty sure it wouldn't affect your playing...be the same as sweat bands and they don't do shit...
They're called dog collars. For dogs. Not people. And for necks, not wrists. And depending on its size, it could have adverse effects on your playing.
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I thinks it's up to you to decide if they hinder your playing after you try to play with them on.
Actually, I too play with a dog collar, among other things...

Only reason I wear it on my wrist is because I stole it from a Chihuahua and it's too small..

It's got big ol' spikes on it and it never stopped me
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