For you skaters out there, I recently recieved word that Shane Cross and Ali Boulala, two of the finest skaters out there were involved in a fatal motrocycle accident on March 6th. Shane was killed and Ali remains in a medically induced coma in a hospital due to the intense head trauma he suffered. We do not know if Ali will pull through, but please keep these two and their families in your thoughts.

RIP Shane Cross 1986-2007

(I met these guys at a demo and we became good friends. I just found out and I would appreciate some kindness for a change. )

Keep pushin' Ali, keep pushin'.
I heard a couple of days ago I've never saw Shane Cross Skate but I know that Ali was one of the great skaters of today.

R.I.P Shane Cross
I see this on the Transworld skateboarding site. I hate it when people die

RIP man, and I hope Ali pushes through.
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no fuking way

rip shane cross you will be missed

and i hope ali pulls through that guy is a fuking legend, he's the reason i started skating all those years ago
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i have a pair of ali's signature Osirises.... here's hoping he make a full speedy recovery
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Yea, I heard about this earlier as well. Ali is one of my favourite skateboarders today, lets hope he can pull through, and rest in peace Shane.
if any of yous live near Ballina come to the skate park on Sunday and wear your singlets and headbands in commemoration of Shane....RIP Shane man you were great.....and i hope that Ali pulls through...