Okay, so I've been playing guitar for a few months on a Silvertone electric. I keep it tuned as best I can ( I have a kinda shitty tuner, but it works pretty good), so I don't really know what's going wrong, but on all my strings except for the very bottom, I have this really weird noise when I hit either the first or second fret, and a little on the third, but it's not as bad. It almost kills the note completely. Any idea what's going wrong, and is my guitar screwed? Is it fixable?
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No, you're not screwed. It's just a bad fret---easily replaced at a guitar store.
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yea, it may do that. if you have a certain type of wrench thing then you should be able to fix it yourself. on Fenders, there is a part at the top neck, near the head where if you turn it, the neck will banana either way, depending on which way you turn it. ive done that many a time before. the more you turn it the more it neck will change so if your strings are too far away from the frets, it may be harder to play on but if you go the other way it may make more of those buzzing sounds. careful when you do it though.
Not that I know of, but it might have got knocked about a little bit, do you think that's the problem? The Bridge is messed up?

Oh and...how the hell do you replace a fret?
And yeah actually, it came with two kind of allen key things, and some instructions for adjusting the neck.
Not messed up, I was just wondering if you had lowered it. I did stuff like that when I first got my guitar. I had buzzing on my guitar because I had just lowered the bridge too much.

I'm not a pro though so listen to what the other guys said first
If the buzzing is only on one fret there's no way to fix that with a bridge or truss rod adjustment (unless you want a super high action).

Take it into a shop and tell them whats wrong with it, most likely the 2nd or 3rd fret is too low. They should take care of it for you. I have no idea how much that would cost, but I can't see it going above $30.
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