Well me and my band are supposedly playing in this american pie concert thing for our school, and there is a set list of songs and we dont want to play any of them so we are going to say were going to play back in black or something and just totally wipe out the crowd with an awesome song. whats a good song idea where i can get a pretty sweet bassline in, preferably something classic rock and short.
i think all along the watchtower would be awesome, nice bassline too.


Depending on how advanced your band is play a Rush song a passage to bangcok would be kool.
Well, it kinda sounds a teeny bit like you guys are RAGING AGAINST THE MACHINE by playing a different song. Might I suggest Take the Power Back? Although, if you want to make a solo I would suggest something like Snakecharmer or Wake Up. Props to you for not playing the crap they want you to, regardless of what you pick.

EDIT: Yeah, I know it's not classic rock .
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oh yeah, and sometimes in life, you gotta do some stuff that you don't want to. If you don't do a song they want you to, you could probably say goodbye to doing something like that in your school again.

Just suck it up and play one of their damn songs, they can't be that bad. And if you do go ahead with your attempt at a small scale rebellion, you'll just ruin it for others. That's not gonna win you many friends.
You can't find any compromise on the set list? I find that hard to believe. There's nothing on there that isn't quite so bad. Because I agree with Delirium here, I think this will ruin it for people and may get you less friends when you come out. And trust me having no friends is not a fun thing to have. *shudders*
Yeah playing any gig is a good experience, just face it and play the songs they give you
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Ace of Spades by Motorhead.
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If you play a song that's not on the set they could possibly cut your power off and that would just be embarassing. My advice is start with the best song that you can play off this set and then halfway through go striaght into Killing In The Name of by RATM at that '**** you I won't do what you tell me' bit.

Could be fun ^_^
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Play Starting up a Posse by Anthrax. I know it isn't anything near a classic rock song but the chorus is ****in hilarious. It's something like "****, Shit, Tits, Sex, Drugs, Rape". And part of the verse goes "You ****in *****, that's all you are". You would be banned for sure though.
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If they told you to play Back in Black, I'm sure theres some way you could negotiate. Obviously since its for school, it can't be explicit or too suggestive.