I'm thinking about buying a RGT42FX which has a fixed bridge, and looking to put EMG 81/85 in the future. This might set me back about 1200AUD ~ (936 USD).
Is there any better alternatives than this? i'm thinking about the schecter hellrasier C1 as well.
im going with the hell raiser but the ibenez emg might not be too bad
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umm the Mh400nt cost RRP 1700+ AUD here
I could get a $schecter hellrasier C1 FR for $1250 AUD, but the guy selling RGT42FX, i also get a Fender FM65R amp + tuner + misc stuff for $1200, well $1350 + postage. Then I suppose i'm gonna spend $350+ on EMG81/85 combo. Decisons, decisions.
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Oh and the schecter C1 FR costs $2,149 RRP from retail here!!