We all know effects processors sound best with as little colouration from an amp as possible. The question is what are good, reasonable cheap ways of getting the sounds out of the boxes with as little colouration as possible. I assume its a PA system? can you get any that are about £200 or less

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I've heard of an amp called an atomic reactor. Dunno the price though....
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If your just playing in your bedroom then get some powered monitors (like the kind used for mixing). You might want to try a crate power block and a cab or powered pa speakers if you wanted something louder.
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The Behringer KX1200 is a great amp for processors. Yes, it's a keyboard amp, but the range and clean amplification translate so well for processors. They can be found easily for around $140 US. I don't really feel like entering that into a currenty translator for you, but that should give you a good idea.

Also, for more money, the Roland KC amps are fantastic.