I searched the forums and couldn't really find anything that defiantly answered my question which is....What kind of gear do i need (preferably cheap) to plug my guitar into my pc so i can use recording software (namely guitar pro tracks)? any help is much appreciated and thanks in advance.
take your guitar, plug it into your amp, then out of your amp through the Headphone jack it hopefully has, get a "Line In" Cable at Rat Shack or walmart probably, and a 3.5mm adapter so you can plug it into your amp, and plug that into the "Line In" port on your soundcard, now if you goto audio properties, and turn the volume for Line In up, and turn your amp on, you should hear your guitar through your computer.
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or a nice little thing i've come across, the m-audio black box. it's alot better than u wud think. it also comes with either ableton live or ProTools.
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