ok so i got my mixer and mic today and i need help setting them up properly...ita a yamaha mg12/4....i am running a 1/8th inch jack that converts to RCA jacks into the mic input on the back of my computer and the rca jacks into the REC OUT on my mixer...i am then using a small peavey amp for the monitor...i also have a mic plugged into the 1st channel. the mic works through the monitor but it will only let me record properly when i am using my halfstack as the monitor (using audacity)...when i try to record with the peavey as the monitor it just gives me a solid loud signal on audacity and i don't know how to fix that. i need to mic my halfstack and cant use it as a monitor.someone please help? please?
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buy some headphones man. use those as monitors( stereo!)

also, use the LINE IN on your computer, not mic in. ever notice how you mixer probably says line out? coincidence? nope. LINE out goes to LINE in.

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my grandma is dying and my mum wants me to play something on bass for her, any body got any suggestions?!

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another one bites the dust has a pretty cool bass line