I started only a while ago, and I'm trying to learn sweep picking.. for apregios and stuff. So like... ummm.. how do you do it? =( Instructional videos dont really help me.
sweep picking is similar to strumming in that you "sweep" the pick across the strings, except that you don't let the notes ring. to do this, you pick the note and release it with your fretting hand. also, when sweeping with your picking hand, tilt the pick in the direction that you are picking
Well if you've already seen some videos and know the technique, the only advise anyone can give you is to keep trying, you'll get it eventually.

What kind of material have you been practicing? I would start with some simple 3 string stuff and move on from there. When you're Comfortable enough add some hammer ons and pull offs.

Even if you're not doing real arpeggios at first, it doesn't matter. Learning arpeggios is a piss easy, but learning to sweep pick them cleanly is the real challenge.

This little exercise sounds ridiculous, but it works man...try it out.

D:-1-----------4 2----------5 3----------6-4-----------7 Etc. all the way up the neck.
oh my gosh... i can sweep pick.. thanks to the video, trying the excersize posted above... =) yay