So I finally bought a tube amp and I bought a Mesa DC-3. Its 35 watts with a celestion vintage 30 speaker. Mesa doesn't make them anymore but I just got done playing and its extremely versatile from super clean to super dirty and every tone in between. It has an eq on it which i've been playing around with but i'm not really familiar with how to work it. I love the amp and was wondering if anyone had any good settings for it and any other tips.
Well the EQ is just a basic 4 or 5 band, right? And I'm pretty sure the graphic EQ is switchable (on/off) on some mesa products, too.

Basically, the EQ is flat when all the bands are in the middle. You can adjust accordingly, accentuating certain frequency bands and all that jazz, so if you want a bit more bass, adjust the first two (from the left) up slightly. More mids? adjust the 2nd from the last one up, etc.

Generally speaking its best to keep the EQ as flat as possible to avoid sounding odd or funny, because scooping it drastically or boosting it drastically can really make a difference in your tone.