Yeh, well i'm kinda new to guitar. I've fooled around with one that belongs to a friend of mine and i really wana start learnin. From what i know different guitar brands are used for different music styles (like B.C. Rich for metal and hardcore stuff), so i need help with what i'm going to buy. I want to play stuff like My Chem, and Rise Against but i'm not quite sure what guitar works for those. One friend i asked said fender, another guy says les paul. Any advice is welcomed, thanks.
epiphone les paul, both rise against & mcr use les pauls
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hey mate

my advice would be to learn the theory side of guitaring and actually being able to know chords, scales etc etc etc before trying to base your guitaring on just one style of music.

Guitar wise though it's best of sticking to something like a fender to learn on
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Ok dude. Here is my prediction for your life to come. You'll shift away from My Chem. because you'll realize they suck after you start getting better at guitar. No joke implied. Then you'll probably be into heavier stuff for a while. Then you'll realize hardcore and metalcore are the most cliche' genres alive.

So in turn, buy a guitar that suits a lot of different styles of music. A Epiphone les paul isn't bad, but IMO Fender makes a much more versatile guitar (metal aside).

/ of rambling.

yeah, what he said. But the Epi LP is pretty versatile so you should be ok wherever. Its more important to get a decent amp though cause thats what really make the sound quality. You will probably start with a roland cube until you know exactly where your going.
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Iunno if I'm too late, but I say, GO FOR AN IBANEZ =) Preferably the RG series. I like Ibanez, good to start with, if you intend to play MCR and stuff.
oh, and you can use the ibanez to play like... harder songs, such as Scarified, by Racer X/Paul Gilbert (he uses an ibanez)
no no no no no. since ur a beginner..start with beginner shit. go out and buy a cheapo guitar and learn to play WELL on it b4 gettin sometyhin good. you have no idea if you'll stick to playin so theres no warrant for decent equipment. i didnt buy my ltd until i thought i was worthy of it.

i recommend a epiphone les paul special II. cheap but looks ok and you can learn to play on it. same deal with the amp but the roland cube series are the best prac amps. i have the cube 60
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alright, after takin in all of your advice i did a lil looking around and found a few guitars that seem to be fitting my needs..I dont really plan on buying a fender because the cheapest i've seen are around 300 and thats a lil bit more than i planned on paying for a guitar. on top of that if i dont get a starter set then i need to save some cash for a cheap amp atleast (Roland Cube 15X for $100 and it doesnt look so bad for the price) If anyone would like to put their input into which one of these you think is like the best deal or most suiting for a beginner, your welcomed too.

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