I just discovered these guys about 5 days ago, and they look pretty serious, im started to get interested in ordering one. any have one? how would they compare up against say, jackson and ESP in quality and workmanship (custom shop not standard series) also how much do these guitars usually cost to have RAN build you one?
i heard about ran ages ago, ill have a look...

They look like good quality to me, mabie better quality than the other mass produced brands.
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a lot, i summited what i want to them and they qouted 5grand something. what i wanted was actually a jackson rr24 but at that time jackson didnt make it yet. except i wanted an emg pa2
and and emg 89 coiltap pup.
from what ive heard they are probably as good as jackson or esp custom shops, only thing is ya dont really know what youre getting, ie you could play an SL1 in a shop and really like it and order a custom soloist with your specs and all that and you'll know feel wise it will be very similar, smae deal with ESP if you try out a horizon or whatever whereas with ran its a bit of a stab in the dark
You realise that a local luthier would be able to build what your after, no worries, for much less?
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You realise that a local luthier would be able to build what your after, no worries, for much less?

True.. but some people just don't want to buy from someone who doesn't have an international clientel.. and a website..
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Ran guitars are great, I checked them out a while back and they seem to have good parts and well made. One of the greatest metal guitarists... (the greatest thrash guitarist) Jeff Waters (Canadian) uses them, chekc out the videos of him playing them and talkign about them, he seems to love them. Jeff Waters is such a damn good guitarist.
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