Ok, so I know almost every indie rock band uses a Boss DS-1. But what I don't get, is...

Everything I've heard from that pedal (which isn't a ton, I've just watched a few youtube videos and heard samples) it sounds really harsh... Too harsh for indie rock sounds.

So my question is...

If I'm looking to get really light distortion, what should I go for? Is a Boss overdrive pedal (the one for about $45) the way to go?

what kind of amp do you have, cuz you probobly can jsut crank it up and get a good tube drive and then roll back on your volume knob on your guitar for cleans which would prolly work. or get the ds-1 and fiddle with it
You can adjust the DS-1 and get the sound you are looking for; however, I'm pretty sure most indie rock bands are using single coils these days so you may not get exactly the sound you want if you only have humbuckers.
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