I'm in the planning stages of making another guitar. But before I go through with it completely with only my ideas, I want to know what you would love to have on a guitar. (multiple minds are better than one, right?)

By perfect guitar I mean, would you want an arched top, a very angular look, set neck, bolted neck, bigsby, locking tuners, where you would want the input, etc., etc. Be creative, and specific as possible. If the idea sounds cool, then I'll try to incorporate it into my build.

*I'll take pictures of it when I'm done, to show you all how it came out.

Any thoughts would be appreciated.
a killswitch, vintage white finish, built in pick holder, tone pros bridge, RR body style, and saw inlays on an ebody fretboard with shaller locking tuners
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pardon me for sounding like a n00b, but what is a kill switch? I hear that name passes around a bunch around here.
original floyd rose, alder RR body style, white with black bevels, black hardware, ebony fretboard with iommi cross inlays, reverse jackson style headstock, neck through

then either:
1. one volume knob, duncan SH-5 pickup (bridge)
2. one volume knob, duncan SH-5 pickup (bridge), HS3 pickup (neck), 2way selector switch

something like that
Basically kills your guitar (the sound.) You can make one fairly easily if you have separate volumes for each pickup. Simply turn one pickup all the way down, then you can toggle your guitar "on" and "off" with the pickup selector. Or you could have a real one installed. (i.e. not just selecting pickups.)

My guitar...well, flat white paint is pretty cool. As for cool ideas....a cool custom inlay is always necessary. Throw a Roland (installed, not the GK-3 set on) for some serious versatility. Check out Sims - LED fretmarkers. Pretty awesome.
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I'm trading my Jackson soloist for my dream guitar really soon. American Fat Strat w/ hotter bridge p'up in Sienna Sunburst. Basically This (with new bridge p'up):

My Gear:

Fender American HSS Stratocaster

Amps & Effects:
Hand-Wired JCM 800 2204
Hand-Wired V30 2x12 Cab
Keeley TS-9 Tube Screamer
ISP Decimator
EHX Holiest Grail
Modded Dunlop Crybaby
Boss RC-2 Loop Station
24 frets
Mahogany body
Arch top
Eclipse/Les Paul Body
Set-thru neck
Locking tuners
Ebony fret board
Seymour Duncan Livewires
Floyd Rose

solid white.
black humbucker pickups.
chrome metal stuff.
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oh, i could have real fun with that. Schecter, V shape, Floyde Rose (nut and bolt), flame graphics, gothic cross in lays, bolt on, Seymour Ducan Invader SH8 bridge pick up. earnie ball bottom heavy strings. volume/tone/tone. Three way toggle. Or just a plain of ****ing razorback by dean!
I would have a floyd rose speed loader, H/S/H 2 emgs and a seymore duncan invader the in middle,grover tuners, reversed headstock,that mettalic ( i dont think its called that but its the one on the kirk hammet guitar) black finish with a red outline,24 med frets,set neck 5 way switch, Volume/tone/eone nobs,maple neck wth rose wood fingerboard,and mahogony body and a v shape like the one below and with a
60's les paul tabbacco burst
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Basically the Jackson SLSMG w/active EMG's and an earvana nut
Ibanez RG3270M Prestige
Gibson SG Standard
Fender Mexican Strat w/ Kinman Woodstock Pickups

Vox Valvetronix AD120VTX (soon to be a Peavey 6505)

Ibanez TS9 Tube Screamer
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Strat shape, thicker mahogany body, 2 high output humbuckers (alnico in the neck, ceramic in the bridge position), 5-way switch for coil tap, fixed strat-type bridge, 500k pots, side mounted jack, maple neck/fretboard, black pickguard.
strat body
lil jb in bridge, duckbucker in middle, lil59r in neck, all coil tapped
with the three prapse switches instead of a 5 way switch
its what im doing right now and should be awesome when i finish getting all the supplies (money issues)
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Rivera Chubster 55
Fulltone OCD v.1
Keeley TS808
Voodoo Labs Superfuzz
Wilson WH10
Boss DD-20
Ibanez S Series Body, Stained Oil Mahogany Finish
Wizard I 24 Fret Neck
ZR trem with piezos without the whammy bar or nut going loose
Dimarzio Evolutions on the Neck and Bridge
Probably a blues sorta pickup in the middle
Pearl Offset inlays
Fender Stratocaster with:

Maple neck + 22 Fret fretboard w/satin poly finish, 9.5" radius, Modern C-Shape, not tinted;
Alder Body;
2-point trem;
SCN Pickups (S/S/S);
3-tone Sunburst gloss finish;
Schaller locking tuners;
Mint green pickguard with parchment pup covers/knobs/switch;
S1 switching.

EDIT: I just realised that's pretty much the exact specs of a Fender American Deluxe Strat Looks like I won't need a custom shop job to get my dream guitar then.
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Body: Explorer, classic shape and headstock.
Wood: Magohany (neck & body) and quilted maple top
Fretboard: 22 XJ frets, Ebony, with a JS series-like profile (thicker on the headstock, getting gradually thinner)
Construction: neck-trough, string-through
Pickups: Humbucker in the bridge (undecided, but I'd probably go with a Bareknuckle Nailbomb, or something along those lines), and a Floyd Rose single coil sustainer in the neck, paired with some stacked humbucker, maybe a Seymour Duncan Little '59, inside a humbucker mouting ring
Controls: 3*volume (one concentric pot for the single coil and sustainer and another one for the humbucker) and a master tone, coil tap for both bridge and neck pickups, AND a killswitch
Bridge/tuners: Piezo equipped tune-o-matic bridge, and maybe locking tuners, but I'd probably just put some nice Grovers and screw the locking part
Finish: undecided... maybe see-thru green, or dark brown sunburst

Oh, and I'd do a 7-string version of it, just for shits and giggles.
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an inlay with pearl silouhettes of women in sexual poses. for example liek the woman on the velvet revolver contraband album. different poses would look class. i saw one on a shecter, but it looked a bit cheap and out of place.

i want that inlay on an RR3 and id be happy.
Now I've never actually played a guitar with all this, but this is the recipe I worked out for the Guitar that does everything.

HSH pickups, individually selectable, with coil tap, so you can use both humbuckers together.
24 frets - it just makes sense to have four octaves in standard tuning.
Double locking trem system with Trem stabiliser to keep it on it's midpoint.
D-Tuna switch on bottom E string to quickly go between Standard and Drop D (hence the importance of the Trem stabiliser)
Your choice of tonewoods.
I'd add a Master killswitch, but I'm a big fan of those leads with a switch in the plug, they eliminate all the noise as you plug in.

No idea how you'd set up the pots for that pickup arangement.

Personally I'd rather just keep it simple - a hardtail classic like a Tele or a Les paul, a small really simple tube combo like a Fender Pro Junior, and a nice accoustic, I'll play blues on street corners and bars for money to get to the next town - just gotta keep moving, running from the man.
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7 String, 24 frets, Mahoganny body, quiled maple, Edge Pro trem system, Indian Rosewood fingerboard with custom Inlays, P - H - H.
I'd really want to find a way to have an Active Piezo sysem in the bridge, while keeping the edge pro, as well as having two EMG's for my metal sound, bascially Piezo for cleans, and EMG's for high gain. Or I'd just got with Bareknuckle passives and my Edge pro trem.
Neck thru body contruction with a 5 pc Wizard neck.
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