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In conjunction with g-love's thread, I'm please to announce the promotion of the following individuals.

FrenchyFungus, leaping badger, Nelsean, Pan-Tallica, theguitarist

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I wouldn't know an Opeth song from an Egg McMuffin
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Congratulations. A Modship well earned by all of you.

Stepdodit: Holy crap! 11 Pit Mods! They must really be serious about defense.

Stepcodit II: What's going to happen to the column cleaners?! We can't have Josh do it all. He needed all the help he could get as it is.
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Congrats all you guys!!!
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Quoting yourself is cool.

WARNING: I kill threads.
Congratulations guys.
if you have belief in ur soul and jesus you can do anything
My lil' French is growing up so fast
Drop another coin in the slot, and I will tell you more...
Congrats A job well earned!
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Just send a message saying your from UG.
CoD4 anyone?
Hurrah! Congrats!
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thats about south africa tho...which isnt poor at all.
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yea venezula is just the richest country in the world...
Congrats guys !
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Hope you guys dont freak out. Good luck and congrats!

* casualty01 slinks away, sad, with a paddle in one hand and a strap on in the other.
Congrats... but... you were mods before?
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for those of you asking, there are different levels of mods...
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Yay Mike
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everyone who posted, It's seriously appreciated.

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It's can be a contraction and genitive case.

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If you cut down on these costs students won't learn so well, effecting the "quality"...
yayyy for FRENCHY!!!

I knew youd be a god someday....

(youll always be that little CC in my heart frenchy )
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wow congrats to you guys
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Don't stop being you <3

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I think after this relentless adding for the last 10 mins, that Dan is the coolest looking. Goddamn welsh people and my great etc etc etc etc etc granddad is welsh.
Congrats everyone.
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