I usually find those boring. So no.
* casualty01 slinks away, sad, with a paddle in one hand and a strap on in the other.

has tons of stuff

EDIT: tis how I found out about Black Moth Super Rainbow (psychedelic/electronic band)

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Am I the only one who has WON

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Very cool blog with accompanying awesome title.

you know what to do with the asterikssss
And what is more, there's been a bloody purple nose and some bloody purple clothes that were messing up the lobby floor. It's just apartment house rules so all you 'partment fools remember : one man's ceiling is another man's floor.
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I follow hell loads more, it's always great to find an album you will have never heard of before. But remember to support the artists
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Thank you for this thread TS. It's like a whole bookmark list of music blogs now.

I wish I had something to contribute.