Does anyone know where to find clips of movies like those below? beezleboss has The Pick Of Destiny and Saw III, and darthjebus has Shaun Of The Dead. Theyre all cut into about 10 minute clips.



So yeah, does anyone know where to find any of these? I'd like to get these movies on my ipod and i dont want to bother with torrents or anything like that. I have UnPlug for Firefox, so on youtube, google video, myspace video, anything really.
I've put some classic horror flicks up as Devilstator.

A dude called theshadow1234 has posted stuff like Night of the Creeps and the original Hills Have Eyes.

For the rest, peekvid and alluc.org.
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i noticed that when i open a video on peekvid, it doesnt have the option for unplug. im not sure why. its lame. i thought i was gonna be able to get a lot of scrubs. but ney. i;ll check for other plugins as well.
I can't believe Simplistic's Movie Links was taken off of the internet....for the few of you who new that wonderful site, you can mourn with me.
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