Hey I'm James i'm new to playing guitar, i just been playing for a like 2 months been loving it quite well but i would love to learn to play guitar right and everything. so a friend told me about this web site i guess lol,

anways just wondering whats good for beginners as for me i'm kinda solo teaching myself, i kinda can play all the main chords like A B D and etc just been having trouble with F & B mainly lol, so yeah just wondering how can i start learning song,

btw i havea acoustic
Nirvana, easy, sounds good, and great stuff for acoustic, and electric.

Welcome to UG.

The main forums which should educate you is Acoutic/Classical Guitar, Electric Guitar, Musician Talk, and almost all of the forums (excluding The Pit of course).
As the casualty and Twist Of Fate stated, there are several forums that specialize in guitars and songs etc.. The newbie forum is for introducing yourself in the "First post.....say hello" and for asking questions about the website..
Before you post in any of the forums it is important that you read the rules in order to not make any mistakes and to have fun properly..

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Welcome to UG. There is a thread for this, but that's okay. I don't feel like giving the tour of the site now, so just don't forget to read all the FAQs to know about the site.
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