i wanna spice my scales up when i play through em they all sound the same how do you spice your scales up and throw in different melodies and even when i do come up with some melodies they all sound like blues and not rock
Ascend in thirds.
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Try and listen to some Baroque music; you may not actually enjoy it, but there are a lot of quick scale runs that you might be able to draw inspiration from.

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Try different scale patterns and you will eventually coordinate them into your solos. EG: start from the top of the scale: move down by 2 degree's and up 1 degree. Then down another 2 then up 1. repeat until you reach the bottom.

Move up 1 degree 4 times, then move back to the 2nd note of the scale and do 4 more, etc.

As someone suggested, classical music has a lot of fast scale runs you could draw from, especially from Baroque. From what I have heard from Mozart, he uses scales in ways that could also assist you.
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Bend some notes, and throw some vibrato in there. Also try moving along the entire fretboard with different melodies and find where they sound best, or split part of it from one main spot to a totally different one.
Think outside the scales. You can use what you want, but let your ear determine what's right.
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