I just can't seem to understand why everyone is using digital. Yes the audio quality is good, and the prices have come down, but 4 track cassette units are still out there and should be used. I have made some very nice recordings using just a tascam 4 track. So my question is here.....Does anyone else still use these things?
I don't know how many people still use them. I grew up on those. Back when they weren't cheap. Where I live though, it's hard to find the cheap cassettes to use much less the high quality $10 dollar ones. I bought a little portable zoom PS-4 to store my ideas on. Other than that, I am far beyond a bulky cassette recorder. We have high tech multi-trackers that burn cd(which are cheaper than cassettes).
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Yes the audio quality is good, and the prices have come down, but 4 track cassette units are still out there and should be used.

what's the plus of the 4 track? i used to use one, and the quality sucked.
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I remember starting out a few years ago, and I read in a magazine that it's cool to record bass on cassette and transfer it to digital. I thought it sounded shit.

Unfortunately, I didn't know what LPF meant
Here's a true story:

Back in 2000, a friend and I were in the market to find something we could multi-track with. We lived in a small town and computers were only getting common in that year! And even then none of them were powerful enough to record with.

We went to a music store and found a TASCAM 4 track cassette recorder.. the price listed was $150. That was the cheapest recorder in the store. We then went on ebay and found a smaller, yet more effectient Korg digital recorder. It could export files to a computer via USB. (I had Cool Edit Pro at the time) and also an output to go to a stereo, so we could put it on cassette if we needed. The price on that was the sameprice as the TASCAM. Which do you think we went with?

If you asked me last year, I thought it was perfectly acceptable to buy a cheap cassette recorder to get basic ideas down. But now with M-Audio field recorders... I would say otherwise.
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Because I can do a better job quicker and more efficiently with digital. It's plain and simple.