Does a guitar with a mahogney body and maple top sound different that a guitar that is solid mahogney. (I.e PRS Standard 24 and the Custom 24)
I heard the same thing maple is brighter, that's why Gibson Les Pauls have the maple over the deeper/darker mahogany, to even things out a bit. But all mahogany I imagine would be a lot deeper and heavier sounding without the brightness of the maple.Don't quote me on that either.
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That is what I've been told, I played the Standard 24 which is solid Mahogney, and i'm internested in the custom 24 which is fitted with a maple top. Brighter is probably the tonal difference.
My sg has a mahogany body with a mape top for the flame top effect. It must make a small differents but it can't be major. I think its a brighter sound.
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Technically, yes. It's unlikely that you'll be able to hear it, though. It would depend on the thickness of the top in question.
Maple is supposedly the brightest tone wood used by mainstream manufacturers, whereas mahogany one of the darkest sounding. That's why Les Paul (the guy, not the guitar) preffered maple top LP's to Customs, which are totally mahogany, because of the difference in sound. That's why he hated SGs as well.
Maple top makes the guitar brighter, if only by a little bit. They do great in taking away the mud that would otherwise be inherent in such a mid filled, dark wood.