I know that you're not here for me
You're not here to see
What I've done, what you've shuned
To believe
Re-trace those steps back to the start
Let's not fall apart
Please don't leave, you have to believe
Me for now

And I am trying my best to keep
Myself up and not lose touch
With you but I can't find the right words

I'm here to stay, tell me you'll stay
We'll watch the sea, we'll run away
Let's just lie here, hear the wind blow
I'm just waiting for your call
If you left me alone right here
I wouldn't last a moment dear
I need you here, I beg don't go
So will you catch my fall

We can run to the edge of the water
Or what you prefer
To run to the end or to start walking again
It's your choice
Let's just reminiese back to the days
To the sunshine in May
Now I stand, my heart in your hand
Take your pick