Not sure about the stanza before the final line, but this is my new song:

Beneath the Willow Tree

This distance is unbearable,
Unparallel, incomparable.
To anything I’ve ever felt,
Ever known to be true.

Your voice sounds in my head,
Agonizing, constantly reminding.

Of those nights,
Of those years,
Of those wishes,
Of those tears,
Of that moon,
Of that sky,
Of those dreams,
Of our cries.

Those thoughts
That trailed off,
As we buried ourselves
Into sleep.

Those lies that we shared,
Goodbyes that we beared.

The hours pass,
The stars glare,
I’ll never leave,
I’ll never stray.

Beneath the willow tree.
It's difficult to win unless you're bored.
this, surprisingly, reminds me of Bat Out of Hell...that might just be me tho. the lyricisim is actually pretty good, better than average, but not genius. overall 8.5/10. good job!