Poll: Is Dean Blade Guitar Better than schecter omen 6
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View poll results: Is Dean Blade Guitar Better than schecter omen 6
4 18%
Yes No
18 82%
Voters: 22.
Ok, let's review the specs.


Basswood body, bolt on, Dime graphics, and single bridge humbucker.


Basswood body, bolt on, 24 frets, no crappy graphics, and two humbuckers.

I really don't think this is much of a contest.
It's true, this stuff I make up.
I have a feeling that you'd regret getting a guitar with someone's face on it a few months from now.
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No matter how much I like deans that guitar is just a bit tacky looking with dimes face on it. I say go for the omen. Its not a bad guitar, and it will definetly be better than that dean.
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I've been pretty pro dean (well not pro) but been defending them abit because they got flamed for all dumb reasons .

but in this case... screw that dean go with the SCHECTER!
definetly the schecter dude.
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I think the Dime-o-flame looks good. If you want a dime guitar, get that one. Otherwise, the Shecter.
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ok will thats overwhelming. Comparison...

Sound= /10
Pickups= /10
Looks= /10
Quality= /10

Sound= /10
Pickups= /10
Looks= /10
Quality= /10