I just wrote this part of the song like 10 minutes ago so here it is:

flames came through, burned it down
rebuilt it just to tear it down
destruction is my place and my game
time you gave me my role and my name
towns and cities falling are apart
it left me in two seperate parts

there was a.....
(drum roll)
devastating fire!
burnt the town down
devasting fire!
nothing left around
devastating fire!
destroyed what surrounds
devastating fire!
took everything right to the ground

~there is a little guitar thing in between each of the lines in the 1st verse, and the song isnt done yet~
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i know u!!!!!!!!!!!ur ryan crowel and we go to school together and im talking to u on aim right now!!!but ya good song
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i think it's good, if you can't think of more lyrics it still would be a pretty solid song IMO

Nice written I also like the part "rebuilt it just to tear it down"
but you mean "towns and cities are falling apart" I think but evenso those're good lyrics