No its not nile read properly..
theyre a cool brutal kinda tech death band from california
they all look pretty gay but sound great
NAOC is one of my fav albums
www.myspace.com/vile -- i hope this is the right link

I've only heard New Age of Chaos but I liked it quite a bit. Is there any word of a new album from them anytime soon?
Heard one song off a compilation, it pwned, hard. Will look into them soon.
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sounds good. hate the kick drum sound though.
Read my post. Not this.
Very decent band. Nothing to get too winded up about but definitely a good listen. Depopulate for sure is a great album. New Age of Chaos is alright but I hate the kick sound in it, I have yet to thoroughly listen to Stench of the Deceased. And yeah, I hate how when I listen to them, I always picture that group shot on metal-archives. They look soo gay, especially the doofus with the cowboy hat. And does anyone else think that sometimes the constant double bass sounds a little.... off? Like sometimes the drummer slips up and misses a beat or something? Or is it just me. Anyway, good band, good for the occasional listen for something doom-ish and brutal.
They're previous releases were ok, it seemed like they were developing thier soud more. I've heard some demos of the new stuff and it owns hard, really quality blackened death, its where vital remains should have gone with their sound IMO.
heard New Age of Chaos and hated it, are their other albums much different to that one?
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