heres some lyrics i started writing today. its not all done and i'll probably change it around a bit, but i just wanna know your guy's take on them. they are slightly emo however


What can i do for you today
you need to learn how to behave?
what was once cannot be again
just view this as the end
What is happening underneith
My mind coming out my teeth
I wish i knew how this would go
dont leave me here on my own


Pulled in the undertow
and i cannot breathe
I dont know where im at
and im starting to sink
What did you think of me for all this time?
Now all the memories
are left behind


why i have to worry i wish id know
of the two faces which one will show
At this time it is just so great (sarcasm)
that i cant keep my mind straight
High school drama can go hell
bury the dead with their empty shells
And with these words that i speak
get over it, its just 2 f***cking weeks