considering that i'm a n00b (compared to older members) and i've seen many people saying "ug sucks now, the old days were better"

can anyone tell me, what were the good things about the old UG?
It was pretty awesome... then came me.
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There were unique people and better/more original thread ideas. But I caught the end of 'the good old days'
Ug used to me more interesting,cooler people,interesting thread's not so much repeating because people actually used the search button..

The UG chatroom was great,i dont even know if UG has that anymore.
i dunno, it annouys me because they are like "yeah all these new members ruined it"
Some Guy?
eh, i've been around for a lil more than a year, i can't say that it's changed that much. not too many newer features, but the news back then was more interesting.
i've been here since 2004, had another account but changed it due to the misleading title. It just seems like there was a time on here where you of course had the sarcastic asshole but they were a funny sarcastic asshole and no one had a problem with eachother (to an extent). Now it seems like there are just assholes on here looking to start an argument for no apparent reason at all. As well, i don't know if all the good thread ideas were gone but it seems that everyday i get on here, there is some pointless thread that never goes anywhere, has no shimmer of going anywhere, and is usually related to sex. Oh, and with all of the people spamming the forums. That didn't happen too much
Quote by some_guy
i dunno, it annouys me because they are like "yeah all these new members ruined it"

Yeah, I cannot put into words how much that annoys me when people say that. I just want to fucking punch a llama or something.
I've been here for a while and it's pretty much the same it just goes through phases. People say the good old days to feel wise and authorative.

EDIT: Ah what the hell

All you damn 06ers/07ers ruined the UG paradise I knew for 3 monthes!
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