I see many people (myself included) instructing other who oftentimes create an already viewable, usually relatively new, thread. The moderators also seem to encourage less thread-reproduction.

But what are the rules on thread necromancy? For example, if one wants to debate Metal vs. Classic Rock, and instead of making a new thread, revive a thread that is x days/weeks/months old, is that forum misconduct?

Just a'wonderin'.
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That's like saying you got cancer that comes with AIDS.
No, I'm pretty sure that's encouraged, hence the frequent "Use the search button" comments.

I say if the thread is still viewable, it's fair game.
The only rule I'm really aware of is bumping your own thread is really looked down upon.

You...you and your questions. You silly, silly man!

You know they'll kill you if you ask too much, don't you?
Many thanks.

Now let's let this thread become another "use the search button" destination.
Life is underrated.

Quote by Mad Marius
That's like saying you got cancer that comes with AIDS.
Who cares?

Metal is obviously BETTER than Classic Rock.

I've seen people flamed for reviving a thread that's two or so months old. Reminds me of the Bear Tax.
people always say things like use the search button or something no matter how old the thread is. it's pretty annoying tbh. i mean, you should search before making a new thread and if you see a thread thats 3 months old, you dont need to post in that one. its always good to get fresh input on topics. however, if theres a thread like a week old, POST IN IT! there are times when two threads on exactly the same thing are both on the front page.

btw, a metal vs classic rock thread would be closed because it'd just cause people to flame each other because they dont feel the same way.
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