Would a Floyd Rose be compatible with my Ibanez RG120? Im trying to do the Dimebag Sqeals and I can do them for the most part but my bridge can only go so far either way without the bottom of the bridge hitting the body. So would a Floyd Rose be the way to go?
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If a guitar doesnt come with a floyd rose, then its not worth installing one. Installing a floyd rose on a guitar with no trem cost about 500$. Just buy a guitar with one, if your a beginner in guitars I suggest you dont get one because they are a hassle to change strings/change tunings/setting it up/ and sometimes even tuning in. I say buy a guitar if you dont have one with a whammy bar that only goes down and not up also refered to as having a "block" because then you change stings/change tunings/set up and tune in easily.
Well on my Ibanez I think its just the regular floating bridge and ive been playing for almost 2 years now so I pretty much understand how to change all the tunings and strings pretty easily, but theres now way to increase how far down or up the bridge can go?
you could adjust the spring tension so that the zero ponit of the bridge is higher althought this will effect the string hight so sum truss rod adjustment may be needed
Dont adjust the truss rod unless you are sure of what you are doing.

Read up about truss rod adjustments first, and make sure you understand it all
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Ya ive read about it alot, and im sure I understand, I just dont know what way to turn it and how much.
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