Okay I have a Godin Freeway Classic guitar with a H-S-H pickup combo... 5way switch

I'm not sure but I think that my 5 way switch works this way:
1: Neck Pickup
2: Neck + Middle Pickups
3: Middle Pickup
4: Middle + Bridge Pickups
5: Bridge Pickup

I use 1 for clean parts/arpeggios and 5 for a sharper sound or for distorted heavy metal, but what are 2/3/4 for??
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They're for 'in-between' or 'neutral-er' tones, like if you want to do distorted heavy metal but a bit mellower, you could use position 4, or a bit sharper cleans on 3.
Use positions 2 & 4 to get shimmery clean tones, especially with a chorus pedal, or if you use a little overdrive you'll get great bluesy tones a la Stevie Ray Vaughan.
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