noob here..just want to ask..how do you set up a beginner amp? im not going to get a new amp because im getting a Epiphone Les Paul Special 2 and well its not my money or otherwise i would of bought a better guitar.So how do set it up for best sound?like drive,bass,treble etc.
Just try to dial in the best sound to you. Since they aren't going to sound amazing. Just deal with it.
just play with the knobs until you find a sound that you like...'best sound' is an entirely subjective thing...my advice is don't worry about what sounds other people like, worry about finding a sound you like...
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Well you probably shouldn't crank it too much. Those little solid state beginner amps are even more dreadful after about 10 o' clock on the gain and 3 o' clock on the volume.
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