Hey, just thought I'd introduce myself to the forums. I've been playing ( learning ) guitar for about..4 days now. I thought I would need a place to get my thoughts out for feedback, share information, and learn from other guitarists for a better experience. Although my real occupation is an artist I like to explore the many other art forms of the world, including music. I don't got my own guitar yet, I use my fathers old, kinda bashed up solid body fender that he got for 75$, still looks great though, i'm happy i have something to start out with too. I wanna do the kind of rock that I love to listen to basically; learn all the songs I like. My best friend is getting a guitar to so we're gonna learn together and try and do double guitar roles, for bands like the scorpions and stuff. Other than that, I have a second nickname ( couchdweller ) over at this art community where I display..well, only a small fraction of what I actually make, because that site makes me nervous, some people tend to steal your work there; and by the way, no I am not scruffy, its just a funny name I thought up.
Well Hi there. Theres already a thread for this at the top of the forum. I really just skimmed through that but um.....to sum it all up...just scan around the other forums. Theres many places for musical discussion and theory here. I know you'll enjoy it.
Welcome to UG. I will take you on a tour, but anybody who saw the uber-long post I made last time I did this, don't worry, I'll shorten it:
In the n00b, or newbie forum, where we are now, you ask questions on how UG works. There is a thread to introduce yourself, stickied at the the top of the forum, which few people ever see, but that's okay. If you want a new avatar, take any Gif or jpg image to the avatar exchange thread and someone will be happy to make it the right size (50x50 pixels).
In the pit, talk about whatever, just read the newbie FAQ's and the pit FAQ's, and follow all the guidelines.
Bands and Artist is where you talk about music, and there are several sub-genre forums as well. There is Classic Rock, Modern Rock, Metal, Nu-metal, Shred/80's Rock, Punk and Ska, Pop-punk and Emo, Hardcore/Metalcore, Alt-rock and Indie, Blues and Jazz, and lastly the Other forum, which is for Hip-Hop/Rap, Techno, Country, etc.
There are dozens of other forums and if you have any questions you should feel free to PM Sonixon or divid3d, the moderaters of the n00b forum, and they'll answer question you have about the site that I didn't include in here. Make sure it's something that you don't need to put in the newbie forum, first. If you are wondering how to post a pic, make a thread about it in the newbie forum. If you are uncertain by what you should do in a certain forum, then you could PM the two mods I mentioned.

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hi and welcome to UG. this should have been posted in the introductions thread though
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