Ive been meaning to pick up an acoustic guitar, I already play electric. You always see threads about "which (electric) guitar" but i haven't seen one for acoustic. I can only afford up to $200au (approx. 160us) but suggest up to 200us.

What steel and nylon string acoustics are the best buys?
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alvarez, takamine, yamaha, washburn.

if u get just an acoustic, u can always add a soundhole pickup for it later. you get more for ur money that way.

also, cut aways cost more, so keep that in mind.

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i got a yamaha. its good and cheap
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Under 200? It kinda depends. I got a Yamaha at Costco a few years ago as my first guitar with all the accessories for about 100 bucks. But thats probably not what you're looking for.
Theres a sticky in the acoustic forum called what guitar under $300
I have a yamaha fg700s its only $200 I'd reccomend it.