just recently i thought of purchasing a 7-string guitar. Now, before i start looking into them and playing them i just figured id put up a thread for people to hopefully give me some advice as to what kind would be the best for me. Ive been playing for about 4 years and i thought i would start expanding my range and capabilities in my equipment. i like alot of bands and this is something i feel i can open up more creatively, if i havent done so much as far. I like stuff from Deftones to Cannibal Corpse and Nevermore, so you can see where im going with this. oh yea..I have about $1000 CDN. any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
ive also been playing for about four years, i recently bought a schecter 7-string and it sounds pretty good not hard to play good fret width
I have the Ibanez AX 7221.There is a review of it on UG.Look it up.For your price range you would be saving a couple hundered bucks but the quality is great.
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