I really like this band and it would be awesome if you could give me some ideas for songs to play.

btw not dammit.

Thanks in advance.
Yeah, most blink stuff is pretty easy, particularly from the Dude Ranch and Enema of The State albums.

Adams Song

whats my age again (bit fast for beginners probably)

go for the less chord orinetated main riff ones though
I'm Sam
They're all pretty easy.

Dammit is brilliantly easy if you have the co-ordination, and sounds cool as well. But most of their songs are powerchords.

Haha nevermind then. Try Adam's Song, What's My Age Again (this one is great for beginners to increase speed, strength etc) or Fuck A Dog.
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All the Small Things. It is so damm easy. Pretty much powerchords all the way through except the break near the last chorus.