I've been looking for a new guitar. I've played the schecters and love em. The Classic is nice plays good, I didn't play with it that much though. I play a little bit of everything, I mostly like metal and hard rock. But I like mellow stuff too. Just wondering if the Classic can play metal and hard rock good? I was going to go with the Hellraiser because I know EMGs are usually associated with heavier music. But I figured the Classic would be more versatile. So can the Classic pull off metal or should I just go with the Hellraiser?
No I don't think so, i think he has his own custom. C-1 Classic is just a regular guitar in the C-1 Series. It comes standard with Seymour Duncan humbuckers. JB in the Bridge and Jazz in the neck.
im getting a hellraiser, they are really good for metal and i find emg's can get pretty decent tones for some lighter rock, blues and clean stuff if you set the amp right. but then again the classic is probability better at it. and i would think that the c1 classic can pull of metal pretty good aswell.