Can someone please fill me in on what is being played here? As you can already tell from this question, I don't know much...but would realy like to know what is being played above, is it some sort of scale? or just notes in a scale? And if its none of the above is there a certain way of playing things similar to this?

Thanks for any help.

It seems to resolve to C... and assuming that G# is an accidental on the D string, I would say C Romanian Minor, 1 2 3 #4 5 6 b7. According to All-Guitar-Chords anyway.
Aye, Mattalac linked you to it, which is why I didn't. The site's pretty good for chords and scales and that, and working them out.
Oh, gotcha I didn't even see that ahaha! Thank's...but is there still anymore that might know what this is?
Come on people! Please ahaha...why is everyone avoiding this?
G Harmonic Minor.

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thanks guys, can you sorta tell me how you figured that out?
If it helps, Romanian minor is the fourth mode of the harmonic minor scale.