Good Day,

Shawn Lane’s eclectic playing will always be of inspiration.

In remembrance, I recorded this song using bootleg material from Jonas Hellborg and Jeff Sipe.


Equipment: Charvel San Dimas IV 1995, PodXT, Tubeworks Mosvalve, Engl 4x12” V30, Shure SM57, SONAR 4 Producer Edition, Arthur Schopenhauer ‘Über die vierfache Wurzel des Satzes vom zureichenden Grunde’.

Hope you enjoy!


Shawn Lane 1963-2003

Visit: Bosch Racing
Gotta save, the moment the guitar came in, I loved it. Just sounds so different, fusiony.
Like the licks, it reminds me more of al di meola then shawn really.
Of course, it doesn't sound anything like shawn, but noone else could. Doesn't have his speed or technicality whatsoever, but i love it even more cause of that. It's so interesting, and you fit in perfectly.
You've really got a great touch, very very clean, and a good feel for jazz/fusion. And a good tone, no complaints here.
Keep it up.

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The drum sounds are quite horrifying. It's not really a big issue, but in the beginning they sound bad. I like your tone, reminds me of Scott Henderson. The playing's good, nothing to complain about there. Maybe the phrasing was a bit bland though. The beginning part was a bit confusing. There's just a little bit too much going on in some spots with the hectic slap bass. I liked the second part a lot more. I'd kill for a synth or electric piano there...

All in all, good job man! Keep playing!

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