Hi, i want to change the knobs on my jem jr but you can simply rip theese ones out, do i have to remove the scratch plate and get behind it to remove them?
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Use a butter knife or something to get under them, and ease them off.

EDIT: no, you pretty much never have to get into the pickguard to take a knob off.
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do the projectguitar trick, take a shirt, wrap it round the knob and pull. Works every time.
same thing happened to me; i just didn't pull hard enough. you might have to mess around with it for a while. It'll eventually come off.
try to wriggle them while pulling them off.
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My knobs have a small allen key hole on the side of them, that you just twist like a tiny bit and the knob comes loose, make sure you dont have on of those before you go pulling the shit out of your knob.
^he probably don't have those kind of knobs, since it's a JEM. But, there is a chance. If your knobs are made of metal, look for the little allen key hole on the side. If they're made of plastic, keep pulling =)